Smart Meta Broadband Access Network

Metanoia is devoted to providing very high-speed PHY chipsets to the broadband equipment manufacturers for the wireline broadband market. Our Broadband Access Network products for the xDSL markets include VDSL2 chipset and the latest chipset.

Metanoia’s VDSL2 products have evolved to meet the requirements of both FTTB / FTTC applications and FTTdp deployment scenarios with guaranteed full backwards compatibility with ADSL2 / 2+. This allows our customers to design and develop a flexible system that can be seamlessly deployed in a mixed environment. Metanoia’s VDSL2 chipset supports all the VDSL2 profiles that are specified in ITU-T G.993.2, with a maximum data rate of up to 200 Mbps in the downstream direction and 100Mbps in the upstream direction. Special proprietary profiles are also supported to enable 250 Mbps downstream and 50 Mbps upstream data rates to meet the higher downstream performance requirements in some deployment scenarios and applications.

The standard was developed by ITU-T to address the difficulties Operators faced in the past several years in terms of fiber deployment to the home (FTTH). Especially in certain regions, Operators have been suffering from the problem of high labor costs, regulatory issues related to road digging, difficulty in wiring homes with fiber etc. that slowed down the rollout of FTTH. Metanoia’s chipset, while leveraging the existing copper medium, helps to boost the access speed close to 1 Gigabit per second within the FTTdp infrastructure. Not only does it address these installation problems, but it also ensures a faster return on investment for Operators.

Metanoia’s chipsets are rigorously tested against equipment from other chipset vendors to ensure interoperability for all users. Using the same Gateway, Service Providers can choose whichever access technology they would like to deploy based on the specific requirements of the customers. By plugging Metanoia xDSL SFP (either VDSL2 or into existing SFP slot on CPE Gateways, end users can immediately enjoy ultra-fast access on copper cable.