Long Reach Ethernet over xDSL

Within the Industrial Ethernet market, the use of MSA compliant SFP interface is quite common and widely available among Ethernet switches, Ethernet Line Card Modules, media converters and other network appliances for fiber connection. By combining this SFP interface with Metanoia’s core VDSL2 broadband access technology, it is possible to create a perfect option for system integrators to extend the typical Ethernet coverage (100 meters) without complicated wiring and unnecessary capital expenses.

Leveraging the VDSL2 technology, Metanoia developed the Long Reach Ethernet over VDSL2 (LREoVD2) SFP transceiver. This technology can easily be used in any environment with existing 2-wire cable, such as phone line, while avoiding the cost of rewiring. So, the Ethernet service on UTP wire  is extended to distance up to 3000 meters. Furthermore, Full Duplex 100 Mbps speed can be supported even up to 400 meters with standard Cat.5e 2-wire cable.

This application scenario represents only one of various possible deployment scenarios in the field. Metanoia LREoVD2 SFP enables system integrators to deploy an effective Ethernet network within the entire Factory Area with less effort and quick time to market. LREoVD2 SFP can be configured for different symmetric / asymmetric profiles based on the actual needs in the field which ensures the flexibility to allocate the bandwidth efficiently. More importantly, the hot-pluggable characteristic allows users to replace or install new SFPs without interrupting the whole network system.