5G Reference Design


The Metanoia 5G_RU_R2814_COM is a RU reference design associated with the MT2814 and MT3812. This system includes a board (5G_RU_R2814_MD) and associated hardware development kit (HDK) and software development kit (SDK).

In this system, two MT2814 are used to support 8T8R for bandwidth up to 100 MHz. This is a compact design achievable with a single board. 5G_RU_R2814_COM consists of the following components.

MT2812 Reference Design


System Board – One 5G RU Mid Density Board
  • Antenna Processor (AP)
Two MT2814
Up to 100 MHz bandwidth
  • Radio Frequency Integrated Chip (RFIC)
Four MT3812
  • Network processor (NP)
Two XFI 10 GbE interfaces
Time synchronization circuit
Four RF Front End Modules
  • Two paths usable (2T2R)  each at 100 MHz as well as any lower frequencies (e.g. 50 MHz)
  • One path can be used for 1T1R 100 MHz when connected to the 5G RU board
  • [3 – 5] W output power consumption per antenna
  • Digital Pre-Distortion (DPD) / Crest Factor Reduction (CFR) Training Loop support

Metanoia will provide support to customers in implementing custom designs for RF Front-End Modules (FEMs). The designs may be different as per the bands used, the characteristics of the external Power Amplifiers (PAs) used and the power requirements for the applications. The support for additional features like DPD / CFR which may in turn depend on the characteristics of the PA selected will also be provided. With this approach, the same system board can be used along with different RF FEMs thereby allowing to meet different market requirements without having to redesign the whole system.