G.fast FTU-R SFP

MT-G5321 G.fast Small Form-Factor Pluggable Transceiver


G.FAST SFP MT-G5321Metanoia’s MT-G5321 SFP product is a smart G.fast SFP (Small Form-factor Pluggable) transceiver with electrical interface specified by a MSA (Multi-Source Agreement) that can be integrated with any switch / router platform and end device with an SFP cage.

MT-G5321 SFP is one of the products from Metanoia’s PHY SFP product series complying with the ITU-T G.9701/ G.9700 G.fast standard which can provide up to 1 Gbps data rate. This G.fast SFP can be easily plugged into any existing or new CPE Gateway which has an SFP cage on board. In order to identify G.fast SFP after inserting in to the SFP slot, MT5321 G.fast SFP follows the SFF-8472 first 128 byte format which allows the host to read these 128 bytes prior to loading the program into SFP device through 2-wire I2C interface.

MT-G5321 SFP has an ultra-low power dissipation design in a SFP package and it can co-exist with different legacy xDSL deployments using programmable bandplans and PSDs which allows Service Providers to provide different access technologies, depending on geographies and local regulations, using a single CPE design. This helps Service Providers to save on CAPEX and OPEX. Moreover, using the same user interface makes the upgrade easier and more attractive to end users.

Metanoia’s MT-G5321 SFP completes the One Box solution for broadband access which enables users to upgrade their existing Home Gateways to Gigabit speed without paying for the expensive hardware upgrades. Leveraging Metanoia xDSL SFP modules is the most cost-efficient solution for ISPs to upgrade their network service.


As broadband access technologies have evolved rapidly, Service Providers needed to upgrade their broadband network services every few years to meet the increasing demands. Traditionally, Service Providers have to replace the whole CPE device in order to provide faster internet speed to the subscribers. It not only increases their CAPEX and OPEX but also requires more time and resources to deploy.

In realizing this problem, Metanoia integrated the Physical layer (PHY) of some broadband access technologies within an Small-Form Factor Pluggable (SFP). Metanoia PHY SFPs can be integrated with any router, switch or residential gateway, that has an SFP cage, as a type of WAN. With this approach, there is no need for Service Providers to maintain more than one type of CPE device in the field or in the warehouse any more.

Moreover, this also provides future upgrade capabilities. Users can easily upgrade to any broadband access technology supporting desired data rate, simply by plugging in different type of WAN SFPs such as VDSL2 35b / G.fast or even optical TRx SFPs within the same CPE box and using the same user interface.

Leveraging Metanoia PHY SFP series in Service Providers’ products portfolio will help them to significantly reduce the software porting effort and shorten their product time-to-market.

  • G.fast SFP Type of WAN for Smart RG

  • As an upgrade module on the existing CPE Gateway


  • Key Features

Frequency Band 2.2 MHz to 106 MHz
Modulation Discrete Multi Tone (DTM)
Duplexing TDD (Time Division Duplexing)
Sub-Carriers 2048 carriers with 12 bits/carrier
Sub-Carriers Spacing 51.75 kHz
ANDR 1 Gbps (Aggregate Net Data Rate)

Trellis coding

Reed-Solomon coding

Maximum TX Power 4 dBm
Handshake ITU-T G.994.1
SOC, EOC, RMC Compliant
SRA Seamless Rate Adaptation
Bit Swapping Compliant
RPA RMC Parameter Adjustment
FRA Fast Rate Adaptation
TIGA Transmitted Initiated Gain Adjustment
G.inp Retransmission
Vectoring Linear vectoring (CPE)
NTR NTR transport on G.fast
TOD Frequency synchronize and Time synchronize
QoS Flexible packet classify based on EtherType, VLAN ID or VLAN priority (supports QinQ)
EBM Ethernet Boot & Management
  • Specifications

    HARDWARE Compact & Robust RJ-45 connector
    SGMII / SERDES connect to host
    Access to transceiver function via I2C (SFF-8472) or Ethernet bus for management & configuration
    LED1 : MT5321 G.fast SFP link status LED (YELLOW)
    LED2 : SGMII activity LED (GREEN)
    SOFTWARE Support Ethernet Boot mode and Management (EBM)
    Linux SDP driver for managed device
    Operating Temperature [0°C, +75°C] (SFP cage)
    Storage Temperature [-20°C, +85°C]
    Operating Humidity 10% to 90% (non-condensed)
    Storage Humidity 5% to 95% (non-condensed)
    Surge Protection 4 kV
    2 years

Reference Design

  • G.fast SFP Type of WAN for Smart RG