About Us

Company Profile

Metanoia Communications (Metanoia) was established in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan in 2004. Metanoia initially developed semiconductor and software solutions for the Wireline broadband market, and more recently Metanoia is leading the way in 5G Radio Access Networking solutions. Our cutting-edge technology and expertise in wireless communications have allowed us to design semiconductor solutions for the 5G Wireless market providing very competitive Digital and RF chips to the market. As a leading player in the industry, we’re committed to helping our customers stay ahead of the curve by providing state-of-the-art 5G system architecture and algorithm expertise with extensive integrated circuit design capabilities to deliver a broad range of wireless communication products for access and in-home applications.

Since its inception, our team of experts is dedicated to offer sophisticated System on Chip (SoC) solutions with maximum flexibility, low cost and minimal power consumption and delivered reliable chipsets with superior performances to customers. Metanoia’s turnkey reference designs and outstanding customer support allow system integrators and partners to gain time-to-market advantages and deliver customized solutions to fulfill their application requirements.

As a company, dedicated to working with our customers to ensure that their business stays at the forefront of the 5G revolution. With Metanoia, the possibilities are endless.

Our Philosophy

Metanoia, whose name is derived from the Greek word for changing one’s mind or perspective, embraces this concept as its guiding principle. The company is committed to transforming how we perceive and navigate the 5G era, striving to deliver cutting-edge designs that enhance our daily lives with greater ease and enjoyment.

To embody this philosophy, Metanoia has introduced a fresh new logo, featuring a color scheme that represents its values. The Blue color symbolizes technology, while the Red color embodies passion, signifying the company’s unwavering dedication to pursuing technological excellence and achieving triple-quality standards.


  • 2022 – Introduction of Metanoia first RRU Digital Front End chip into the 5G sub-6GHz market, the MT2812.
  • 2021 – Introduction of Metanoia first RFIC into the 5G sub-6GHz market, the MT3812.
  • 2020 – Entry of Metanoia into the 5G market.


Metanoia actively participates in ITU-T SG15-Q4 and O-RAN Alliance as a member and is dedicated to creating chipsets for 5G market products such as Radio Unit (RU) and small cell and CPEs that meet the 3GPP and O-RAN Alliance Standards.

Throughout its history, Metanoia has been a leading contributor to the development of Wireline standards and technologies within multiple Standards organizations. The company recognizes the importance of interoperability between chip vendors as a critical factor for customer satisfaction and market acceptance of technology deployment. Therefore, Metanoia places significant emphasis on interoperability in its entire product range and participates actively in all interoperability events conducted by industry forums such as O-RAN Alliance.