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Company Profile

Metanoia Communications (Metanoia) was established in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan in 2004. Metanoia develops semiconductor and software solutions for the Wireline broadband market, 5G Wireless market and the in-home networking market, providing very high-speed PHY chipsets to the manufacturers. Metanoia combines state of the art system architecture and algorithm expertise with extensive integrated circuit design capabilities to deliver a broad range of fixed line and wireless communication products for access and in-home applications. Our portfolio includes products for the xDSL markets (more specifically for the VDSL2 and the G.fast markets), and the 5G market.

Since its inception, Metanoia has offered sophisticated System on Chip (SoC) solutions with maximum flexibility, low cost and minimal power consumption and delivered chipsets with reliable and superior performances to customers. Metanoia’s turnkey reference designs and outstanding customer support allow system intergrators and partners to gain time-to-market advantages and deliver customized solutions to fulfill their application requirements. Some of these chipsets are part of infrastructure and customer premise equipment deployed by several tier-1 leading network equipment manufacturers and telecom service providers around the world.

Metanoia is an active member of ITU-T SG15-Q4 and Broadband Forum. Metanoia has played a leading role in these organizations by contributing to the development of the xDSL, G.fast and G.hn standards and technologies. Metanoia recognizes that interoperability between chip vendors is a crucial factor that leads to high customer satisfaction and market acceptance of a technology to be widely deployed. Therefore, Metanoia emphasizes interoperability throughout its product range and actively participates in all interoperability events conducted by industry forums such as Broadband Forum. Metanoia has recently joined O-RAN and is committed to developing chipsets and products like Radio Unit (RU) and small cell CPEs for the 5G market.

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Our Philosophy

The word Metanoia comes from Greek, and means changing an individual’s mind or view of the world and themselves.
Metanoia Communication applies this idea as the core company philosophy and is keen to change the ways we see and live in the broadband and 5G age; aiming to provide more innovative designs to people, for a more convenient and enjoyable way of life.


  • 2020 – Entry of Metanoia into the 5G market.
  • 2015 – First G.fast chipset in single port CO and CPE configurations for FTTdp.
  • 2014 – First 250/50 Mb/s VDSL2 chipset for FTTdp and repeater markets.
  • 2013 – VDSL2 PHY into Huawei’s first FTTdp solution tested / deployed by some operators around the world.
  • 2012 – First G.hn chipset for in-home networking market.
  • 2008 – First single VDSL2 chip supporting both CO and CPE.