5G Small Cells

5G technology addresses many challenges in terms of data speed, reliability and latency specifications. To provide higher bandwidth and extend coverage to more users, 5G technology uses small cell concept.

Small cells in 5G technology

Small cells are low power, short range wireless transmission systems (base stations) used to cover a small geographical area or indoor / outdoor applications. They are uniquely capable of handling high data rates for mobile broadband and consumers. They can also support  high densities of low-speed and low-power devices for IoT applications. This feature makes them perfect for the 5G rollout that promises ultra-high speeds, a million devices per square mile and latencies in the millisecond range.

Furthermore, advanced technologies like massive MIMO and beamforming are used in 5G technology to increase data rate and spectrum efficiency.

CPE Small Cells  Application System

4×4 MIMO for TDD with two Transceivers

  • 4×4 MIMO for TDD 5G NR system
  • One baseband chip MT2814 is connected to two MT3812 Transceivers
  • Deployment for larger MIMO configurations is possible by synchronizing multiple groupings


Use Cases
Use Cases

CPE Small Cells Application System

2×2 MIMO for FDD with two transceivers

  • 2×2 MIMO for FDD 5G NR system
  • One MT2814 baseband chip is connected to two MT3812 Transceivers
  • One MT3812 transceiver is used for transmission, and the other for reception