5G Sub-6GHz RU Reference Platform

Jura Reference Design is the Metanoia’s complete 5G sub-6GHz RU reference platform.The Jura Reference Design includes:

• a RU Digital main board, named Jura, based on Metanoia’s MT2812 and NXP®’s LS1046 Network Processor.

• a 5G Sub-6GHz RF board, named Diora, a plug-in card based on the MT3812 RFIC, Metanoia’s Transceiver chip.

The Jura baseband board has two Hirose connectors. Each connector allows to plug-in an RF Diora card. Only one Diora board will be required for a 2T2R solution and two Diora boards for a 4T4R solution.


The Jura Reference Design is an ideal test platform for both cutting-edge application development and out-of-the-box evaluation.

The deliverables include Jura and Diora boards and associated Hardware Development Kit (HDK) and Software Development Kit (SDK). This accelerates time to market for OEMs and ODMs by leveraging reference design, software, and Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN) interoperability.